StudioPay Funding and Limits

This article provides an overview of the Funding timelines and the transaction amount limits in StudioPay.

Funding Timelines

Effectively manage your cash flow based on StudioPay's turnaround time to process transactions:

  • Credit Cards: 2 business days
  • ACH: 2 business days

Batches occur daily at 9:30 pm ET.

Note: The very first batch will take 5-7 business days to process. 

Need your funds faster? We'll work with you to set up next-day withdrawal. Reach out to for more information.


Limits are flexible based on the needs of your company.

  • For transactions exceeding $10,000 or an annual volume in excess of $600,000, you'll need to submit three months of processing or bank statements

  • No additional documentation is required for lesser transactions and volume

Note: Payments that exceed the volume limit will process successfully and be held for verification. The StudioPay support team will contact you for the next steps to confirm and release the payment for funding.