Time Billing Defaults Not Working

If you ever find yourself entering information into a New Time Billing entry and the defaults that you know you’ve set are not filling in correctly, this will help you troubleshoot the issue.

Step 1: Checking Time Billing Interactions in My Company

Every design firm has its own unique and important way of keeping track of how they are billing their clients for their time. For example, one firm may use a single rate that only changes based on the client, while another firm may decide to charge clients different rates for different Activities (e.g. Meetings, Design Work, On-Site visits, etc…). This, for obvious reasons, is a very important part of the setup process. This is also the first place that may be wrong when it appears as though your Time Billing defaults are not acting correctly.

You can set and troubleshoot these properties by clicking Settings > My Company > Codes and scrolling down on the screen. The property looks like this:

Figure 1. Time Billing Rates property under Settings > My Company > Codes


This property shows us the fields of the Time Billing Entry that Studio Designer is looking for when filling in Defaults. Based on the image above, Studio Designer is only going to look at the Client ID in the Time Rates field when deciding the default values for Time Billing Rates. This has several implications.

First, it means that if your company varies their Time Rates per-client, you only need to enter one Time Rate (under Settings > Time Rates) for each client, regardless of who you’ve assigned to Employee or Activity. It will ignore the Employee and Activity properties and will only look at the Client Property. This makes entering multiple Time Billing Rates per client unnecessary.

If you have multiple Time Billing Rates per Client, Studio Designer will only look at the first-listed instance of this client under Time Billing rate and will ignore all others since their differences are in properties that Studio Designer has been told to ignore. This is the most common cause of Time Billing
Default issues in Studio Designer.


Step 2: Checking Time Rates

The property listed in Step 1 is critical for determining how your company will bill for time, but the bulk of the work is done under the Time Rates page. To find this, simply navigate to Settings > Time Rates and you will find the following:

Figure 2. Sample Time Rates

With the knowledge of exactly how your system is interacting with Time Rates (see Step 1) in mind, it should start to become apparent how Studio Designer is interacting with this list. Take a look at the Edit property of each and every one of these entries to see what might be listed. You will see a screen similar to this:

Figure 3. Sample Time Rate Properties


Now take a look at the properties listed here to see how they are being referenced in Studio Designer. You will need to check these for accuracy but also keep in mind how they are being referenced in relation to the Time Billing Rate property mentioned in Step 1.


Using a combination of the Time Billing Rate property under Settings > My Company > Codes and double-checking your Time Rates, you should be able to easily answer the question “Why isn’t Studio Designer filling in my Time Billing Defaults?” If the defaults are set yet you are still having issues with them, please reach out to our Support Team by submitting a request here