Updating Tax Location

It may become necessary to update a certain tax location when tax rates change. Depending on the scenario if a county, city, or state adjusts the tax rate, here is how to make the adjustment in Studio Designer.

Step 1. Click on Settings>Tax Locations. The tax rate for 'Tax Rate 1' can be updated.

Step 2. Click the "pencil" icon next to the Tax Location you need to update.

Step 3. Enter in the correct tax rate under Tax Percent 1 or whichever subsequent Tax Rule you are using. Then click Save. (Click here to learn more about Tax Rules)

Updating the Tax Location will not update existing items in Studio designer

If you want to update existing items to a new tax rate, items that are NOT invoiced may be updated automatically to reflect the new tax rate.

Step 1. To update the items, go to Projects > Misc. Addresses then locate the Address record for a client(s) and select the Update Tax tab. 

Step 2. If the tax rate was updated but the Tax Location has not changed, set "Old Tax Location" to the current Tax Location. 

Step 3. Click Update Items to update the tax rate on non-invoiced items.


For more information on Tax Locations click here