Upgrade FAQs

Answers to common questions about the new Studio Designer and the upgrade process.

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Can Studio Designer be integrated with Quickbooks online?

No, since Studio Designer was created to keep all your most needed tools in one place with our integrated accounting system, we currently do not have an integration with Quickbooks online.
  • Is there a way now to show trade discounts and markups for clients?

Here is an article to get you started.

If you need to go deeper on this, we recommend following up with us on chat or click Contact Support so we can cover this question with you in more detail to ensure we can create a solid example with real data.

  • How can I make sure my client does not see the markup?

You can default to not show markup in Settings > My Company > Report Defaults and make sure Show Selling Markup is unchecked.

  • How can I allow someone access to view vendor payments?

This is something you can set under Settings > My Employees and then select the user you want to give access to and click on Permissions. View/Enter Order Checks is the permission to allow.

    Client Portal

    • How do I control what my clients see in the Client Portal?

    You can control this in the Client Portal settings and turn things on so that it shows up in the Client Portal. The gear icon next to each invitee is where you can access these settings.

    • In the previous Client Portal, there is a summary tab where a client can see their draft deposits to the account. Is this somewhere in the new Client Portal?

    Clients with Client Portal access will need the appropriate permission to be able to do that. 

    • For Client Portal, do I have to re-invite all my current clients?

    Yes, since this is a completely separate platform, they would need to be re-invited to this one. They need to first register and then they can accept the invite to get access.

    • Does StudioPay work if you send an invoice to a client or is it only available in the Client Portal?

    Yes. Clients don't need to have portal access to make payments through StudioPay if they'd prefer a PDF or interactive document.

    Studio Capture

    • Please provide instructions on how to use Studio Capture in Safari as I can only access the Chrome browser extension.

    Studio Capture for Safari has just had an upgrade. We recommend removing the extension and adding it back again. You must also ensure that Safari is up-to-date.

    • Any tips or tricks with Studio Capture? Is there any way for it to not say "Studio Capture" in the item number?

    This can always be edited via the item. The Item number can be whatever you prefer it to be even if you have pulled it into your project from Studio Capture.

    Time Billing

    • Is there now a better way to split purchasing and Time Billing reports? And to see Time Billing without reimbursable?

    Absolutely, you would run an activities report and filter out the billing code: "reimbursables." So you would set the operator to "Is Not" and the billing code would be "reimbursable."

    • Is there special access needed for the To-Do list and Time Billing?

    Yes, in order to access the Time Billing module, the user would need a Professional License. We also have a special Time Billing license at a rate of $38/month that can be added to any account with an existing Professional License. 

    • Do you know when the Time Billing Invoice⏤grouped by employee that was available in Version 1.0⏤is coming to Version 2.0?

    The equivalent is currently available. 1041 03 Time Billing By Group Employee is the name of the report.

    • If I am a Basic user without accounting, can I use Time Billing? Or could I use as Activities on my own as Time Billing?

    With the Basic user license, you do have access to the Accounting module but the Time Billing module is not included as it only comes with the Professional user license. We also have a special Time Billing license at a rate of $38/month that can be added to any account with an existing Professional License. Basic users would have to upgrade to Professional or use similar services outside of Studio Designer. Here is an article about this.

    General Questions

    • How do you change the size of the logo?

    It all depends on the original size and resolution. To control how the logo looks to Settings > My Company > Report Defaults and scroll down to the logo area. We recommend adjusting your logo by typing in a number between 300 and 600 pixels and you can play with that range. If you are still unsatisfied with how the logo looks within this range, it may need to be modified outside of Studio Designer.

    • When I upload images to specs in 2.0 the images are very blurry and pixelated, but when in 1.0 they uploaded clear. Is there any way to fix this?

    This can be adjusted in Settings > My Company > Codes. Scrolling down to Item Defaults and adjusting the default image pixel size should remedy that issue. Otherwise, the image might need to be reuploaded due to its original file size.

    • If I have only one other team member — does this person need a separate login?

    We have always charged on a per-user basis, so yes. Please refer to this article about the different license types we have for users. For additional questions, please email support@studiodesigner.com.

    Project Management

    • Where can you set your preference as items per page and list or detail?

    To set this preference go to your name on the top right, click your name, and select profile. You will see the items view default options. Read this article for more details.

    • Are there more dot colors for item status? We would like to have more options then grey, red, yellow, and green.

    Yes, in the new Studio Designer we have added additional colors to existing white, gray, green, yellow, and red colors. 

    • Is there a way of sending a client agreement to the client for approval through Studio Designer if it is in PDF format created outside of the platform?

    Studio Designer does not currently have the capability to integrate with external PDFs and with e-signatures.

    • Is there a way to move a placed order to a new client with a payment to a vendor already made? Like it was in the desktop version?

    No this cannot be done on the new platform. Reverse the payment first, then void the order. Then create a new order for the new client and then apply the payment.

    • After sending a proposal/deposit invoice or balance invoice to a client, is there a record within Studio Designer of exactly what items were sent, and the amounts? Typically we send client first component invoices, but having both an exact replica of what was sent, and then all components of the same invoice would be helpful.

    There isn't a direct way but what we recommend is this. Download a copy of the PDF and then upload that as an attachment to the items. This is a great suggestion we’ll keep in mind for future improvements.

    • Can you resize the invoice? I thought if you chose 200px you could fit it all onto one page.

    This can depend on different factors like how many lines you have in your description, your logo size, etc. Yes, it is possible but there are several variables to be considered that make it not possible in every case. Refer to this article about Fitting a Proposal on One Page.

    • Is there a way to decrease the size of the text for the proposal agreement? Our agreement doesn't fit in the new version.

    Refer to this article about Fitting a Proposal on One Page.

    • Way back in the desktop version, you could access live expediting tables. It was a great way to manage item status. Is there anything comparable in 2.0?

    The best way to do this would be to click on the view drop-down menu on the Item screen and select Classic View. Currently, there is no option to export this or edit the information in an excel-like table.