Upgrading to the New Studio Designer

Currently, there isn't one single process that allows a user to migrate their information from the desktop version of Studio to the new cloud-based version. What this would entail is exporting information like all of your address ID's, product ID's, inventory ID's, and we could import them into our Studio Designer cloud-based version. You would also make sure you had the necessary settings set up before doing this as well like tax locations set etc... But a lot of it will have to be entered manually like extra settings such as sales codes, chart of accounts, tax locations, etc... Items, proposals, orders, invoices, and that kind of information cannot be imported either. What the next process entails is speaking to a consultant/accountant about transferring your current financial data into Studio Designer. This way your beginning balances and all of your accounts will be accurate and you can start using the software normally.

Our staff can help with importing information that falls under paid support but we cannot assist with the accounting data transfer. You would need to reach out to a consultant/CPA to help you with this. Below is a link to consultants we work with if you are interested in getting more assistance with this. If you cannot find someone to help you let us know and we will see if we can find someone available.

Consultant Partners