Uploading Images

Studio Designer allows you to upload images for your company logos, items, and products. Studio Designer also lets you use your Dropbox account to store images and documents for use.

Supported File Types

Studio Designer only supports .jpeg and .png file types for image upload. If you are having issues uploading images, double-check that the image file is a .jpeg or .png 

Company Logo

You can upload your company logo to appear on various reports and forms within Studio Designer. Go to Settings > My Company > Reports >  and Scroll down to the upload logo button.

Also beneath the main company image you are also able to provide 3 header logos and 3 footer logos by saving the URL link.


Image Items

You can add an image or document to an item or product.  Go to Project > Items > New Item/Edit Item. Once you are here you can click on the “Change Image” Icon. 



A window will appear where you can select an image from a folder, create a new folder, or access your Dropbox account.


To create a new image folder, hit the “+” sign next to the media library. You may create as many image folders as you would like. When naming folders you cannot include spaces or special characters. If you do you will get an error when trying to add an image to an item.

Once you have added an image to an item you will see a red star on the image as pictured below that indicates this is the items primary image


You are able to upload as many images to an item/product as you like. You can also use this feature to upload a scanned receipt related to the item.

Adding Images from Dropbox

Studio Designer also makes it very easy to use your Dropbox account for images. Make sure you are logged into your Dropbox account on a separate tab and in Studio Designer scroll down to the bottom of the “Images and Files” screen and click “Dropbox” then “Open Dropbox”.

Warning: Images added via Dropbox are not downloaded into Studio Designer, but are instead synced in and are available only as long as the Dropbox account holder is signed in to their Dropbox account within their Studio Designer account.

Deactivating the Dropbox account holder's Studio Designer license will sever the connection to Dropbox and remove these images from Studio Designer permanently.

If the connection is severed, these images will no longer be available to use and will not display on any items, proposals, or other parts of Studio Designer.

Once you've clicked "Open Dropbox", a window will launch with your Dropbox account where you can select an image file and upload it to a Studio Designer folder. Make sure you are not selecting an image from the "Recently Viewed Images" folder in Dropbox otherwise it will not work in the future. Once you have placed it in a Studio Designer folder you can click the image to add it to your item.


Note: When uploading directly from Dropbox, the image will flip if it exceeds the sizing settings determined in the "Image size" field of your Report Defaults. To maintain orientation, either adjust the settings to accommodate a bigger image size, resize the image, or upload directly into Studio without using Dropbox.