Setting Up a User Profile

Access your User Profile to set up properties like your login email address, password, and preferences.

The User Profile button can be found by clicking on Profile in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Once you click and expand the dropdown, you will see two options: Profile and Log Out. To access your User Profile, click Profile.

Personal Information

  1. Profile Picture – Upload a basic profile picture
  2. First Name (required) – The first name associated with this user
  3. Last Name (required) – The last name associated with this user
  4. Email (required) – The email address associated with this user
  5. Phone Number (required) – The phone number associated with this user

Note: If these fields appear grayed out, contact your company's administrator to grant you permission to manage your Personal Information and Signature


  1. Preferred Start Page – Determine the first page that appears when you first log in.
  2. Language Settings – Change the language in which Studio Designer is displayed. 
  3. Item Display Amount Default – Set the default number of Items that appear in your Items screen at one time.
  4. Items View – Determine how much Item information you see about an item at one time by default


  1. Password Reset Area – To change your password, enter your current password into the Current Password field and the new password into the New Password and Confirm Password fields