Using Multiple Tabs for Studio Designer

If you are trying to utilize multiple tabs in your browser but are running into a login error...

Like most designers, maximizing productivity is key to being successful. Due to our security policy, you might experience the alert that advises that you are logged in on another device. Sometimes this can be confusing when you are in fact only one the one you always use. You will get this error when the following happens.

  • When more than 1 user is using the same login credentials
  • When you are logging on using more than once device (i.e. home computer and office computer)
  • When using more than one browser 
  • When you open up a new tab in your current browser

If you are used to navigating more than one screen and/or be logged in and switching between different areas of the system, follow the steps below to prevent any interruption in your workflow.

Step 1. Right-click the browser tab that you are currently logged into Studio Designer on.

Step 2. Select "Duplicate" from the pop-up menu.

You'll see a new tab open up that will land you on the same page that you are on in the first tab. Now you can choose which tab you want to use to continue navigating Studio Designer in. The other tab will remain as you left it without logging you out. This can be done multiple times to allow you to be in different areas of the software at the same time.