Using Studio Capture

Studio Capture is a very helpful tool that allows you to use images and descriptions from websites to create items.


To be able to begin using Studio Capture you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the Dashboard of Studio Designer and select Studio Capture. Next, you need to install the extension or bookmark based on what browser you are using. Check out our installation guide here!

Getting Started:

Now that Studio Capture is in the favorites bar you can start to use this tool.

Step 1. Navigate to the website for a vendor that you would like to source an item from and select a product you would like to create an item for.

Step 2. Now you can select Studio Capture up in your browser extensions or bookmarks bar and it will open up on the right side of your page.

Step 3. Once Studio Capture is loaded, you can start to capture the images and text for the item. To do this you first select the field on Capture that you would like to be getting the text or image for. Next, you simply click the image or text on the vendor website and it will add this to the Capture field

Step 4. Next, you want to fill in the remaining information for the item you are creating. The following fields mean:
    1. Description: Name of the Item
    2. Long Description: The details regarding the item (optional)
    3. Image: Where you add images to item
    4. Image Folder: Where your images are saved in Studio Designer
    5. Vendor: Name of vendor you have already created in Studio Designer
    6. Client: Which client/project the item belongs to
    7. Ship To: Where the item is going to be shipped to
    8. Proposal: (If adding to an existing proposal)
    9. Sales Code: Describes what kind of item you are creating Ex. Accessory, furniture, electronics, etc..
    10. Room List: You can add this item to a room list you have created
    11. Room: You can add this item to a room you have created
    12. Quantity: How many units of the item
    13. Price: The purchase price of the item
    14. Currency: What currency the price is in
Step 5. Before saving you can create an image folder that you can add your Studio Capture images to. Keep in mind you cannot name a folder with special characters or spaces. If you do the images will appear blank for your item.

Step 6. Once you have all of this information filled in you can click Save & Next in the top right corner. Once you do this you will be able to find the item you created in Studio Designer under items and searching by Client/Project, Room, etc… Keep in mind when using Studio Capture to create items it will always autofill the text "Studio Capture" for the item #. If you don't want this you will need to edit the item and manually change the item #.