Time Clock Overview

Time Clock allows you to track the time you spend with your clients and on projects, generating Time Entries when the timer stops.

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Time Clock allows you to track time spent on projects and with clients, and then automatically create Time Entries. You can track time on five projects or clients per user.


Getting Started

There are two ways to access the Time Clock:

  • Option 1: Click the Clock icon in the upper-right-hand corner of any page.

  • Option 2: On the Time Billing page > Time Tracking > Start Timer in the upper right-hand corner.

To launch the feature, click the Clock icon or Start Timer to launch the Time Clock sidebar.

From there, click Select Project and Activity. Once you've made both selections, Start (blue button) and Stop (red button) will become clickable. Click Start to begin the timer.

To add another timer, click + Add New Timer. Each user can add up to five timers, but only one timer per user can be running at any given time.

Click Pause (blue button) to pause the timer temporarily.

Paused timers are deleted after 24 hours if they are not resumed.

To delete a timer, click its corresponding Trash icon. Clicking this icon immediately deletes the timer and all its data regardless of whether the timer is running or Paused.

Once you've finished tracking time for an activity, click Stop (red button) to stop the timer. When the Stop button is pressed, a Time Entry form is launched automatically with some prepopulated information. The Client Rate is determined by the Client/Project and Activity that were selected when the timer was started.

Note: The Employee field will default to the name of the employee who started the timer. You can edit the Employee and whatever other values appear in the entry as needed.

Once you're satisfied with the Time Entry, click Save to record it.

Note: If you click Cancel on the Time Entry, the timer will go back to its previous state. This means that timers that were Paused and then Stopped will remain Paused, and timers that were Started and then Stopped will resume running.


How many timers can be set up?

Each user can have up to five timers created under the Time Clock, but only one timer per user can run at once. Starting a timer while another timer is running will pause the previous timer.

Can I run multiple timers at once?

Currently, only one timer per user can be running at any given moment, but each user can have up to five individual timers created. If you have a running timer and press Start on a different timer, the timer that was previously running will be paused automatically.

Can other users see my timers?

No, each user's timers are visible to that user only. If another user logs in to their own account in the same firm, they will not see their colleagues' timers. 

What if I get logged out while the timer is running?

If you are automatically logged out due to inactivity while a timer is running, the timer will continue running in the background and will pause automatically at 24 hours.

If you choose to log out while a timer is running, a prompt will appear to either Log Out or Save. If you click Log Out, the timer will continue to run in the background. You can always go back and edit the logged time entry at a later point if needed. Clicking Save will Stop the timer and launch a Time Entry form.

Why did my timer disappear?

Paused timers disappear automatically after 24 hours of inactivity. To keep the timer from being cleared out, make sure to resume it at least once within a 24 hour period.

How are Client Rates determined in the auto-generated time entries?

The Client/Project and Activity selected when each timer is started will determine the Client Rate. If Designers have a Group in their Time Billing Settings field that determines the Client Rate, they can associate that group with an Employee, and will be able to see the correct rate.