November 2022 Release: Studio Designer

Fixes and minor changes applied to Studio Designer that fall in between major releases.

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2.13.3 – 12/01/2022

  • When a proposal is approved or rejected, it is now recorded within the Proposal History.
  • Fixed an issue where previewing a Time Billing invoice with multiple entries would sometimes result in an error.
  • Company Date format now reflects correctly on the General Ledger and Reconciliation pages.
  • Fixed an issue where proposing multiple items with the same Tax Location would trigger a warning.
  • When a designer changes the client for all items on a purchase order, the items’ Tax Location will now reflect the Tax Location associated with the new client.
  • Fixed an issue with the Client Deposits report where records with zero values would display despite Include Zero filter being set to No.
  • Fixed an issue where designers were unable to delete Settings records.

2.13.2 – 11/18/2022

  • The missing display of Other Costs on Proposal PDFs in the Sub Total section has been fixed. When Other Costs and/or Mark Up is hidden in the Sub Total section of a Proposal PDF, they are still included in the Total calculation.
  • When creating or editing Custom Forms or Custom Reports, Date filters are saved; when previewed next, if they were previously saved with a value, the Date filters will populate.
  • The Image Size (pixels) field in Settings > My Company > Codes now only accepts numeric values.
  • When previewing a Time Billing Invoice and using a custom Invoice Theme, clicking Save as DOCX will download the report as a Word Document.
  • Fixed a bug where some Time Billing Invoices were populating an extra blank page.
  • Settings > Activities can now be sorted by Billing Code.

2.13.1 – 11/10/2022

  • On the Client Deposits Report, when the field Include Zero is set to Yes, the generated report will only show active client deposits.
  • On the Client Deposits Report, when the field Include Zero is set to No, the generated report will only show client deposits consisting of proposal deposits, Funds Available, or a combination of both.
  • On Proposal PDFs, the Optional Items to Display section now works in tandem with Report DefaultsOther Costs and Mark Up are now correctly added to the Totals if Hide Sales Tax and Other Cost Totals is disabled.
  • Chart of Accounts that are required cannot be deleted.
  • The Type field is now required when creating or saving a Miscellaneous Address.
  • When a user attempts to import a Client or Project type Address during an Address Import, the default Company Tax Location is used if available; otherwise, a descriptive error is provided in instances where the Tax Location is not specified within the import or is misconfigured in the user's account.
  • The Client Email, Vendor Email, and Misc Address Email fields now accept all top-level domain suffixes (.com, .net, .org, etc). 
  • When viewing an Invoice or Order’s History screen, the History screen updates accordingly after navigating to the previous or next Invoice or Order.
  • When working within the Recent Items Widget on the Home dashboard, long Descriptions and Client or Project names wrap to a new line, preventing the need to scroll horizontally.
  • When viewing a Print Check modal, long Vendor names do not stretch out the screen.