March 2023 Release: Studio Designer

Fixes and minor changes applied to Studio Designer that fall in between major releases.

Patch Notes:

2.14.8 – 03/01/2023

  • Priority status color for items is now editable on the Item Details screen.
  • The font size in the Special Instructions input field for proposals and invoices is now larger and easier to read.
  • When an item is removed from an invoice, Selling Sales Tax values now update with current Tax Location values.
  • Address IDs are now visibly shown along the top of the Client Details, Vendor Details, Contact Details, and Misc. Addresses Details screens.
  • Added an indicator on the Items page showing how many images and attachments are associated with the Item.
  • Purchase Orders that have been voided, but are still active, no longer display on the Open tab or on the Orders widget on the Dashboard.
  • Designers' existing Time Billing entries now search for an applicable Time Rate if their Settings > My Company > Codes > Time Billing Rates setting includes Group.
  • The exported PDF of the Outstanding Reconciliation Report now mirrors the PDF report.
  • A new checkbox option in Settings > My Company > Codes > Posting Payments can allow posting Printed Checks to the General Ledger on the date that they were set to Printed.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

2.14.7 – 02/15/2023

  • Fixed an issue where duplicate emails were being sent when sending a Purchase Order to a vendor using the Vendor Portal.
  • Images and attachments for items that are marked Visible to Client on Standard Reports: 1020 01 Proposal Custom and 1040 01 Invoice Custom now display correctly.
  • Improved validation of the Name field when adding a new Employee.
  • When viewing the Orders List, the Open tab now displays only Purchase Orders that have no Vendor Payments instead of erroneously displaying only Purchase Orders that Designers have posted payments toward.
    • The Amount Due tab now displays purchase orders with a balance greater than $0
    • The Open tab now displays purchase orders where no payments have been made (regardless if there's a balance due)
  • The Proposal Theme Proposal Breakdown now calculates the Deposit Due for each Item properly, as the Deposit Balance total at the bottom of the report.
  • Designers can now share the 01 Clients Revenue report when filtering by Date From and Date To.
  • When viewing the Share Acknowledgement screen from within an Order’s Details, clicking Cancel now navigates the Designer back to the Order.
  • The phone numbers in the header and footer within custom forms for Invoices and Proposals are now formatted correctly.

2.14.6 – 02/08/2023

  • The Financial Dashboard has been updated with new sorting options available on the Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP) widgets. Designers can now sort from lowest to highest or vice versa on any columns that display numerical amounts.
  • In Settings > My Company > Payment Defaults, clicking on the button labeled Enable Payments for all Clients/Projects button in the Stripe section will now display a notice that states that payments will be enabled for both ACH and CC.
  • Additional filtering by Client Status: Presented and Disliked has been added to Projects > Items > Filters.
  • Two buttons have been added to the Time Billing screen allowing Designers to quickly jump backwards or forwards one day at a time.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

2.14.5 – 01/30/2023

  • Active Inventory Items in the Items List Screen are now in alphabetical order with the Inventory ID filter.
  • The title of the Income Statement Annual Report now includes its corresponding year.
  • Vendor Codes and Reports with a Social Security field now populate correctly.
  • Issues have been resolved where incorrect data was displaying on Standard Reports (i.e., Time Billing reports and Activity reports) and several Custom Reports.

2.14.4 – 01/19/2023

  • Under Settings > Activities, the Type column now properly sorts alphabetically and reverse alphabetically.

  • When setting a secondary image as the Main Image of an item, the visibility checkboxes for all the images do not change.
  • When reviewing a Proposal report with the Proposal – Item Breakdown PDF theme, the Deposit Due column shows the correct deposit balance due.

  • Fixed an issue where the Time Tracker incorrectly counted and calculated time when the time zone of the Activity differed from the user's actual time zone.

  • When reviewing an RFQ with the 1010 01 - RFQ theme, the checkbox for Show Images and Attachments now functions correctly.

  • Other minor bug fixes.

2.14.3 – 01/12/2023

  • When uploading a file on Images & Attachments, the user must specify a file extension (ex: *.doc, *.jpg, *.txt).
  • When creating an item using the My Products functionality, the correct Unit of Measure from the initial product now displays properly on the created item.
  • Transactions using the Make Deposit feature can no longer be duplicated by clicking repeatedly.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

2.14.2 – 12/29/2022

  • Users can no longer Close the Year if their Balance Sheet is out of balance.
  • Validation, warnings, and error messages when importing Addresses, Contacts, Products, and Inventory have been greatly improved.
  • Imported Inventory now calculates cost correctly for on-hand inventory at the time of import.
  • On the Reports > Financial Forms > 01 Client Deposits, the report options now include a toggle to include Active Clients, Inactive Clients, or both.

2.14.1 – 12/22/2022

  • Within the Specify Data tab under Report Builder, the Move Up/Move Down arrow now works properly when moving entries in the Footer section.
  • When the Date Format is saved as DD/MM/YYYY in Settings, dates are now formatted correctly on the following pages: Balance, Make Deposit, Money Out, Close the Year, My Items List, Reports, My Employees, Client Status, Vendor Status and RFQ.
  • When users attempt to import Contacts and Misc. Addresses without an Address ID, they now receive a warning that the import was not successful due to the lack of an Address ID. 
  • On a Purchase Order, selecting an Item that does not belong to an Invoice or Proposal and moving it to Inventory now works properly.