Voiding Checks & Vendor Payments

If you posted a check for the wrong amount or canceled an order or payment, you can void it in Studio Designer. By voiding a check you will remove the payments applied to an order and return the funds to the account they came from.

To void a payment you will first need to find it in the General Ledger

Step 1. Go to Accounting > General Ledger and utilize the filter features at the top of the page to narrow down the entries. You can search by Check #, Client/Project, Vendor, Amount, and date. If you set Journal to “Cash Disbursements” it will only display payment entries.

Step 2. Once you locate the check, select the  pencil icon to edit the entry.

Step 3.
On the next screen, you will see “Void” in the bottom right corner. If you select this you will see a message that the check has been voided. Studio Designer will create void entries for the payment on the General Ledger



This will remove any order payments as well. If you want to issue a new check for a different amount you are able to apply the payments through an Order or the Money Out screen just as you did before and follow the steps to create a new check.


If you have issues locating the payment entry on the general ledger, check the Pending Payments on your Money Out page

If you still see the entry here it has not posted to the General Ledger and has not been applied to an order. You can delete the entry by clicking the trash icon next to the entry.