What is the "Adjust" section in "My Inventory"?

In "My Inventory", you can record adjustments you have made to a certain product for your journal reports to keep in reference. To do so:

1. Go into "Projects" and under "My Products", select "Inventory"

2. Find the product you wish to make an adjustment for and select the pencil icon labeled "Edit"

3. In the edit window for your product, select the "Adjust" section located near the top


4. In the "Adjust" section, you can record changes for your records when making reports and documents. The following areas are available to record your changes in "Quantity", "Merchandise Costs" and "Other Costs". After making your adjustments, you can select the "Adjust Inventory" button to apply these changes. Don't be alarmed when your values revert to "0"!


5. You can select the "History" tab next to "Adjust" to see a record of the adjustments you have just made.


6. When returning to the "Inventory" tab, you can also see updated information based upon your adjustment changes as well under your product image. These updated adjustments will appear in your reports and journals when creating them for your reference.

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