What's the difference between removing items and voiding orders?

You have two options when it comes to removing items from orders:

  1. Void the entire order - This is good for deleting the entire order, without deleting the items.
    You can do this by opening the order, and then clicking the "Void Order" button in the bottom right corner (next to "Save"). This voids the order, and all items will be removed from the order.
  2. Remove a single item from an order (see screenshot below) - This option is good if you have multiple items on one order to one vendor, but you need to remove only one. From the item list screen:
    1. Edit the item you want to remove
    2. Scroll down to the middle section of the item
    3. Hover over, and then click X next to the Order #image-Jul-16-2020-05-32-42-45-PM