Whats the Difference Between Time Billing and Activities

This article is geared to the breakdown of activities and how Time Billing and Activities work independently of one another.

Time Billing>Activities

When in the time billing screen, the entries that appear here are anything that you will be invoicing your client for. This basically consists of any billable, non-billable, or reimbursable items. 

Examples could be anything from meetings, sourcing items, emails, etc.

You can create these activities under Settings>Activities


Activities from the projects menu work a little bit differently. These are geared towards administrative tasks, reminders, or To-Do lists.

These activities can be used to create "to Do" lists. You can even apply these sorts of activities directly to items. 

For example
, if you need to make contact after a new finish has been applied to a chair, you can then set this activity on the item itself.