Why are my invoices backdating to December 31st?

This article will exaplain why your new invoices created are being backdated to December 31st and how to correct this.

If newly created invoices are being backdated to December 31st of a previous year, this may be due to the accounting dates open for your firm.  

For demonstration purposes our Invoices are being backdated to 12/31/2022 even though we are creating them in 2023.  

Head to Accounting > Close the Year and check the Beginning Open Date and Ending Open Date fields.  

Since 2023 is not one of the active accounting dates for the firm, no general ledger entries can be created for in 2023. The system will automatically backdate any entries to last open date. 

This information can also be found in the Accounting > Close the Year page within your account:


To correct new invoices from being backdated: 

Close the previous year, which will trigger the following year to open. All new invoices created will no longer be backdated. 

Note: This will not retroactively correct already backdated invoices. 

To correct previously backdated invoices: 

Manually update the dates in the general ledger, by following the steps outlined here.

Note: To check what date the invoices were actually entered into the system select the edit pencil icon on the invoice entry in general ledger. 

Click the pencil icon on the entry again. 

View the Date Entered field to find when the entry was physically entered into the system.