Why Does Money In Not Show A Deposit Balance for an Item?

When an item is proposed the deposit balance will reflect in Money In. When the item is then invoiced, the deposit balance will show "$0.00" because deposits are only collected on the proposal. 

Here we have an item that has a 50% deposit requested for both the subtotal and the Mark Up. Currently, this is only on a proposal.

Looking at the proposal for this item, we can see that we have the total deposit requested and the deposit balance showing at the bottom.

If we look at the Money In screen for this deposit, we can see that by filtering for proposal# 100232, the deposit balance reflects 247.50 just like the on the proposal's totals.

Now we are ready to invoice the item. Here you can see that if we filter for the invoice, there is no deposit amount reflected. This is because deposits are solely collected on the proposals.